Live Canon at the Boulevard Theatre
Sundays at 4.30pm

Previous readers in our poetry series at the Boulevard have included: Inua Ellams, Clare Pollard, Glyn Maxwell, Mona Arshi, Richard Scott, Antony Dunn, Hannah Sullivan, Abigail Parry, Ella Duffy, Nick Makoha, Tessa Foley, Ralph Dartford, Adam Smart, Cherie Taylor Battiste, Julia Deakin

Coming up:

16th February: Love Songs from World War III: the poems and songs of Adrian Mitchell

1st March: Poets from Salt Press, including Peter Daniels, Kirsten Irving, Tony Williams and Eleanor Rees

8th March: International Women's Day: Tania Hershman, Katie Griffiths, Robin Houghton, Miranda Peake

And on 23rd February, we are teaming up with Glyn Maxwell's podcast, Best Day Ever, to play parlour games with Simon Armitage!