2018 International Poetry Competition

£1000 first prize for a single poem

Guest Judge: Liz Berry

We are delighted to announce that the 2018 competition was won by Jon Stone for this poem 'The Lookout'. The Borough prize was won by Oona Chantrell for Shorebird. All 50 longlisted poems appear in our 2018 anthology. 


Alexander Velky Tractors Turning
Dr Jennifer Wolkin Using Medical Jargon To Cycle Through Stages of Mourning In No Particular Order
Emma Simon Astronaut Tendencies
Emma Simon The Laboratory of Smallest Probablities
Geraldine Clarkson The Fainting Room
Heidi Williamson A Language Learned Abroad
Jane Burn Livestock, Deadstock
John Kelly Remembering Yellowhammers
Jon Stone The Lookout
Karen Morash The Dictionary of Words Not Yet Invented
Kathryn Southworth The Coming of the Electric
Laura Laura The Clockmaker's Daughter
Linda Snell Sand
Oona Chantrell Shore Bird
Samuel Prince Folk Choir Ominous
Sarah Barnsley My stay in that hotel was just out of a magazine
Stephen Pollock Syringe
Tim O Leary Clouds at Snape
William Stephenson The Lotus Bunker
Will Johnson An Inventory


Andrew George Master of English
Antony Mair The Importance of Eating Properly
Carolyn King You can't maintain a rapport with a tortoise
Christopher James State of the Art Clinic
Claire Dyer Storage
Deborah Harvey Ballad of the Angel Maker
Fiona Larkin Passage
Geraldine Clarkson Mother Blue
Geraldine Paine Vilanelle for Nancy
Ginny Saunders The Peahen Support Group
Isobel Rogers Liminal
Jake Hawkey Colossus in Baby Blue
James McKee Just Supposing
Jeff Bien West Bay
Josephine Corcoran The Circus of the Marvellously Menopausal Woman
Kay Lin Hysteria
Len Lukowski Your Haunt
Lucy Watt Erasure
Natalie Scott Colonel Barker
Pamela Johnson The Wall
Paula Harris I end up on tinder due to Philip Larkin’s encouragement, which is remarkable given that he’s dead and I have suicidal ideation
Ruth Aylett Agenda Item
Sue Norton My Mother and the Post Office
Tim Dooley Defrosting
Wendy Pratt What I learnt from the animals of my childhood
Yvonne Green Towards Language
Lizzie Holden Routine
Joan Stansbury Interference
Claire Basarich Found
Giles Goodland Instructions to my brother

Watch here some of the winning poems, from 2017, 2016 and 2015...