Wherever you are... lounging on a deckchair by the pool, stuck in the office, or juggling the brood... you can inject more poetry into your August. 

This August, we will, once again, be running the Live Canon (virtual) poetry treasure hunt. 

Each day in August you get sent an email. It introduces you to the work of a particular poet. There are some poems to read, links to a more extensive selection, and links to audio recordings and videos. 

You are then asked to find the answer to a clue somewhere in the work of the poet.

At the end of the month, you need all the answers to find the final solution to the hunt. 

You can take part from anywhere, as long as you can get online - and if you get behind, you can catch up at your leisure. 

Its £15 - and the proceeds go to workshops we run in schools and libraries for young people (if you'd like to find out more about those, just drop us an email)

So... if you'd like a bit more poetry in your summer (or to get deeply competitive with your book-loving friends), please sign up here:

And if you have a moment to spread the word, we'd be hugely grateful...