2019 Anthology


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Fifty poems shortlisted for the Live Canon 2019 International Poetry Prize:

Ouroboros, Ella Duffy

A cure for Rosesickness, Hilaire

Tutankhamun's Perfume, James O’Hara-Knight

For an Unknown Migrant, E. E. Jones

Starfish, Matt Riker

Two thousand and ninety-nine, Doreen Hinchliffe

Barbecues, Rebecca Watts

This is how it will work, Mark Fiddes

The Hospice Planet,Andrew George

Tired, Karen Morash

A Five Stage Guide to Processing Firewood,Bill Bradford

Sehnsucht, Laura Theis

Catherine the Great Reassesses Her Expansionist Policies, Tania Hershman

Coming of Age, Matthew McDermott

The new kids inside the old block, Marie-Louise Eyres

Pheasant Plucker, Benjamin Cusden

Locarno, Matthew Paul

We are not ashamed of our Buckshee life, Jane Burn

Seasaw, Aileen La Tourette

Keep calm and cross off, Steph Morris

The Election That Everyone Lost, Graham Turner

 My Mother Climbing a Tree, 1955, Jonathan Edwards

You Have No Idea What I’m Saying, Catherine Edmunds

That Feeling When Friends and Family in the Pacific Northwest Complain of a Smoky Dystopia Because California is on Fire, Matt Hohner

Home is where it gets dark, Jackson

Icicle Symphony, Helen Grant

Windy Day With Princesses, Sarah Diamond

Middle C, Sharon Black

the blackout, S. K. Grout

After the Odyssey, Caroline Hammond

Hikikomori, Konstandinos Mahoney

Saudade Rumba, Jed Myers

View from Llandudno, Terry Quinn

Echoes of Empire, Claire Temple

Postcards from your shoulder, Joanna Wyld

Blue Monday, Sarah Barr

hi-fi, Henry St Leger

Uranium Mine at Shinkolobwe, Belgian Congo, Lauren Delapenha

Earth’s Change, Geraldine Clarkson

Dear Mother You’re Dying, Aaron Kent

New Cross Evensong,Robin Houghton

Fragments, Antony Mair

Frogs, Tabitha Hayward

Damp in the basement, Estelle Price

As If, Jack Bigglestone

A Short History of the Western World in Fleece,Heidi Beck

For the Love of Roland Barthes, Chiara Naomi

Staying Under, Jo Brandon

Cannibal Tom in Sydney, Angela Gardner

The River God Waits, Alan Dunnett