Why? And Other Questions, Robin Houghton


Category Pamphlets
One of the four winners of Live Canon's 2019 Pamphlet Competition

Robin Houghton is the author of three poetry pamphlets, The

Great Vowel Shift (Telltale Press 2014), Foot Wear (2017) and All

the Relevant Gods which won the Cinnamon Press Poetry

Pamphlet competition in 2017. Her poetry appears in many

magazines including Agenda, Envoi, Magma, Poetry News, The

Moth and The Rialto, and anthologies including The Best New

British and Irish Poets 2017 (Eyewear). She was awarded the Poetry

Society's Hamish Canham Prize in 2013. Robin worked in

marketing for twenty-five years, has an MA in Digital Media and

has written three books on blogging.

Her long-running poetry blog is www.robinhoughtonpoetry.co.uk.