With love, Alice Willitts


This debut collection from Alice Willitts was one of the three winners of the Live Canon collection competition, selected by Glyn Maxwell. 

"With Love is both deeply affecting and engagingly mischievous. Some poems come scaffolded with notes more lyrical than the poems, others are one breath, others one word-per-line, and every single title begins with the word love. Many poets play these games, but Alice Willitts’ purposes are serious and exacting, her effects memorable and moving." Glyn Maxwell

Alice Willitts is a writer and plantswoman from The Fens. She is the author of Dear, (Magma, 2019) and holds an MA in Poetry from the University of East Anglia. She leads the #57 Poetry Collective and is collecting rebel stories in the climate emergency for Channel Mag. She is currently co-editing Magma 78 on the theme of Collaborations. She’s a founding member of the biodiversity project On The Verge www.onthevergecambridge.org.uk.