'I think I could be wrong', Gillie Robic


A new collection by Gillie Robic
Illustrated by Cristóbal Schmal
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GILLIE ROBIC was born in India and lives in London. She is a poet, voice artist and puppeteer in film, theatre and television. Widely published in magazines and anthologies in UK and US, she has two previous collections, Swimming Through Marble and Lightfalls (Live Canon), and a pamphlet, Open Skies, in aid of Ukraine.

Wonder and doubt, boldly juggled in Gillie Robic’s writing , create “the shadows of a nuanced world”. With her scotopic visions she is as attentive to the nearly imperceptible as to immeasurable distance, especially ocean, desert, night. (I am reminded of poems by Charles Wright). Noting change – mystified she could be, but always eager to “wade into” change - alive to the risks of recall, the unexpected.

Kate Miller