Children's Poetry Competition 2021

We are delighted to announce the winners of the 2021 competition. We were inundated with entries, and we were so proud and humbled to read all of the young people's work, so a huge thank you to everyone who entered. 

Reception – Year 3

Winner: Toby Barnett-Jones

Highly Commended: Oliver Battle and Meera Jassal


Year 4 – Year 6

Winner: Iris Achard

Highly Commended: Milan Paul Kumar and Romilly Hall


Year 7 – Year 9

Winner: Freya Leech

Highly Commended: Alexandra McCaffery and Emily Hunt


Year 10 – Year 13

Winner: Elise Scotney

Highly Commended: Alice Watson and Elsie Hayward



Winner: Ethelbert Road Primary School

Highly Commended: Michael Faraday Primary School and St James’ School



Adrija Ghosh

Albion (Ethelbert Road Primary School)

Alice Ridley

Ameera Hashmi

Amy Wallace

Angelica Suri Henry

Anna Brovko

Anya Giovine

Aphra Fearon-Low

Ayaan Rahman

Bobby Wagon

Clarice Costa

Constance Woolmore

Dai Xinming, Helen

Daniel Banks

Dominik Chapple

Dorri Jones

Dorrie Bedford

Eliana Bishop

Elisa McKenzie

Ella Jesson

Ellie Joyce

Elsa Falkner-Wedge

Elzé Ramanauskaite

Erin Georgia Wallace

Eve Ward

Fatema Zahra Mithwani

Felix Bull

Gabriel Dowie

Hannah Timamy

Imaan Kimbugwe

Iris Brown

Isobel Jetten

Ivy Wilson

Jack (Lightmoor Village Primary School)

Jack M (Ethelbert Road Primary School)

James Chaudry

James Freeman

Jessie Lindsay

Jet Pariera-Jenks

Jude Leese

Julia Echevarne Schalk

Kitra Oldham

Lara Williams

Laura Elizabeth Eyres

Layla Rosowsky

Lexi Grew

Lilia Cottam

Lily McKay

Lucas Tomkins Bell

Lucy Mellor

Mabel Bailey

Maisy McFadyen

Maite Wagon

Martha King

Maryam Laila Ahmad

Mathilda McKenzie

Max Bowler

Maxim Giovine

Molly Snooks

Muna White

Nancy Adams

Nelson Adegboyega

Neve Macgregor

Ophelia Gibbs

Paola Pietangeli

Persephone Fearon-Low

Quinlan Murphy

Reuben Peckham

Richard Chen

Rihana Jenkinson

Rivonia Adegboyega

Riyana Mittal

Rosa Little

Rosalind Selby

Ruari Dickson

Rudy Shuster

Ruby Gayle

Saphia English

Seth Cummings

Sylvie Mockridge

Tabitha Stacey

Tallulah (Ethelbert Road Primary School)

Toby Arvanitis

Toby Hawkins

Wilfred Wakeley

Will (Ethelbert Road Primary School)

Xaavier Mahmood

Zachary Cardy

Pre-order the 2021 anthology

The 100 shortlisted poems from 2021 will be published in our 2020 children's anthology. You can order your copy here:

Every year we fundraise to cover the costs of the children's poetry competition, including the prizes, the publishing of the anthology and the administration. You can make a donation to our fundraising below. 

Watch here the 12 winning poems from the 2020 competition, performed by poet Kirsten Irving and actor Neil Urquhart.