2020 Pamphlet Competition

We are honoured to announce the winners of the 2020 Live Canon Pamphlet Competition:

Winning Pamphlets


Dihedral, Mary-Jane Holmes

Sectioning Herakles, Paula Harris

Fire in the Oubliette, Vasiliki Albedo

The Bone Staircase, Kerry Priest


Shortlisted Pamphlets


The One That Got Away, Aileen La Tourette

The Listening Project, Heidi Beck

Consuming Nuts, Ginny Saunders

XZQ, Judith Shaw

Platypus, Vicky Mackenzie

The Distant Singing of Kindness, P. Julien

Unyoke, Nicky Kippax

Pig, Pat Winslow

Fault-Lines, Mary Mulholland

Cages, Jack Houston

The Great Belonging, Christopher James

Relics, Mary Matusz

Have They Marked You With Arrows, Jayne Stanton

From the Ikea Back Catalogue, Lisa Kelly

Nature/nurture, Sarah Doyle

dog of pompeii, Alice Hiller

2019 Winning Pamphlets:

All four publications are now available from our store here: https://tinyurl.com/yxyn3grf

Why? And Other Questions, Robin Houghton
My Shrink is Pregnant, Katie Griffiths,
How High Did She Fly?, Tania Hershman
Yellow, Miranda Peake