The Bone Staircase, Kerry Priest


Category Pamphlets
One of the four winners of Live Canon's 2020 pamphlet competition.

‘These poems remind me of the moment when the match catches, flares, makes the room suddenly startling. They jolted me out of my ordinary ways of seeing, illuminating the landscape of the body but also how we carry places in our bones.’ Helen Mort

'Here is a bold yet tender voice, a sensibility shedding light on vital difficult dark places, situations and challenges. Kerry Priest is a chronicler of body and soul, a participating witness to bodily realities and to the soul-making that accompanies such realities. In The Art the poet discerns patiently what can be made out on the cave wall by the faint light of ‘the tallow gloam’: ‘a suggestion of bison, /mammoth prongs, an antelope heel’ and this essential scrutiny is to be found throughout this lyrical, witty, courageous collection.' Penelope Shuttle