The Empty Horizon, Paul Terence Carney


Paul Terence Carney won the Live Canon first collection prize with this extraordinary sequence of poems, written in the voice of Roisin - a children's writer losing her sight. Poet Barbara Marsh comments on Paul's work: "Paul Carney's poetry is airborne, delicately balanced between soaring, full flight and hovering just above ground. In his striking debut collection, we move through currents of the imagination of both the poet and the narrator-character of these poems, Roisin, a writer of children's books, as she navigates her way through the changing vista of her increasingly impaired vision. She fleshes out her fictional world, creating, in the publisher she has never met, a desired figure to share her solidary life. The detail is rich and fresh, the language moving and surprising. These are poems envisioned through the acute eye of an illustrator; Carney keeps the reader aloft, transfixed on the image."

Paul's work has previous been published in Acumen, Poetry London and Live Canon's anthologies. Many poems in this collection were were part of Paul's Final Portfolio for his Master's Degree in Creative and Life Writing at Goldsmith's College, University of London, which received the Pat Kavanagh Award, given by United Agents in conjunction with Goldsmith's.

"Rich and detailed...exhilarating skill...I keep noticing Paul Carney's poems, and I believe you will, too." (Glyn Maxwell, judging the 2016 Poetry London Competition)