'The Flying Dutchman', a new English libretto by Glyn Maxwell after Richard Wagner


Wagner's The Flying Dutchman in a new English version by Glyn Maxwell. Based on an original concept by Lucy Bradley and commissioned by Opera Up Close in partnership with Manchester Camerata.

A haunting political tale exploring the psychology and realities of living on an island with hardening borders, The Flying Dutchman is a bold reimagination of this epic fable.

'Engaland Rules the Wave

Thousands of miles, one grave' English sailors

‘Oh, is there light up ahead

is there God

is there good

is there you?’ – Starlight’s aria

'Your Wave will come, O City by the sea

But when it dies on the cold and lonely shore

What you have made is lying in the shallows -

The face is familiar, don’t you think?'  The Mariner