Tracking Light, Stacking Time, NJ Hynes


Category Pamphlets
A pamphlet of poems and photographs from the Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition, from award winning poet, NJ Hynes. 

"In these poems, inspired by award-winning pictures of the cosmos, NJ Hynes skilfully draws together astronomical phenomena and human experience – and in so doing changes our perspective on them both. Blue moons, aurorae and planetary nebulae meet solitude, violence, loss and pity in a synthesis that should delight lovers of astronomy and poetry alike."
Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal, author of From Here to Infinity and If Science is to Save Us

“This collection is itself a cluster of lambent worlds, each of them with a unique atmosphere, a different view of the cosmos, a distinctive gravitational pull."
Philip Ball, author of Patterns in Nature and How to Grow a Human

"I have always admired the formal freedom of NJ Hynes' poems and in writing about these astronomical photographs I think she may have found her perfect subject. Hynes manages to capture the beauty and awe of these images of the night sky but also brings them back down to earth, mourning the fragility of life and passing of time. She has breathed the stars in and crafted poems that spark."
Lorraine Mariner, poet and librarian at The National Poetry Library, author of Furniture and There Will Be No More Nonsense

"When the arts and the sciences  are brought together by a poet as skilled and filled with wonder and curiosity as NJ Hynes, the result is a unique and powerful meditation on our greatest and our most microscopic joys and challenges, and the threads that weave us into everything ... Her words defy gravity, her images shimmer, shift, slip and sink."
Tania Hershman, poet, author of Still Life with Octopus